C2 I N C2 H3 O N A3 


  •  Constitution “broken down” from exhausting discharge (Carb. v.), for stout, swarthy persons; once robust, which become debilitated. 
  • Colic: at a certain hour each day; periodical, from gall stones (Card. M.); worse at night and after eating; better bending double (Coloc.). 

I – 

  • Intermittent fever; paroxysm anticipates from two to three hours  each attack (Chin. s.); returns every seven or fourteen days; never at night; sweats profusely all over on being covered, or during sleep. 


  •  No relief from belching (belching relieves Carb. V.); < after eating fruit (Puls.); Excessive flatulence of stomach and bowels; fermentation, borborygmus.  


  •  Climacteric after with profuse haemorrhages; acute disease often result in dropsy.   
  • Constant sopor or unrefreshing sleep < after 3 a.m., wakens early. 


  •  Headache: as if the skull would burst; intense throbbing of head and carotids, face flushed; from occiput over whole head; < sitting or lying must stand or walk; after haemorrhage or sexual excesses. 
  • Hippocratic pale face; eyes sunken and surrounded by blue margins; pale sickly expression as after excesses; toothache while nursing the child 
  • Haemorrhage from every orifice of the body – disposition, with ringing in ears, fainting, loss of sight, general coldness, sometimes convulsions. 

O – 

  • One hand icy cold, the other warm (Dig., Ipic., Puls.) 

N – 

  • Nervous system excessive irritability and sensitiveness of the whole nervous system: great debility, trembling aversion to exercise; sensitive to touch, to pain, to drafts of air. 


  •  Apathetic, indifferent, taciturn (Phos. ac.); despondent, gloomy, has no desire to live, but lacks courage to comit suicide. 
  • Ailments: from loss of vital fluids, especially haemorrhages, excessive lactation, diarrhea, suppuration (Chin. S.): of malarial origin, with marked periodicity; return every other day. 
  • All the bones – drawing or tearing pains in every joint. Periosteum, as if strained, sore all over; obliged to move limbs frequently, as motion gives relief; renewed by contact, and then gradually increase to a great height.  


AGGRAVATION From slightest touch, draught of air every other day, loss of vital fluids, at night, after eating and bending over. 

AMELIORATIONBy bending double hard pressure, open air and warmth. 


Complementary to: Ferrum met. 

Antidotes: Heper Sulph., Nux vom. 

Antidoted by: Nat. Mur., Carbo veg. 

Antidote to: Ars., Calc., Cham., Ferr., Hell., Iod., Merc., Sulph., Ver. Alb. 

Incompatible: After Dig., Selen. 


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