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Here I have given some important question of repertory. I hope it will be helpful for you.

Q1- Preface to the ‘repertory of the Antipsoric medicines’ was given by

  • a)     Boenninghausen
  • b)     A.Lippe
  • c)     Hahnemann
  • d)     C. Dunham

ANS – C (in 1932)

Q2- Repertory of the medicine which was not Antipsoric published by

  • a)  Boenninghausen
  • b)   A.Lippe
  • c)      Hahnemann
  • d)     C. Dunham

ANS – A (1935)

Q3- Repertory of Hering’s guiding symptoms was written by

  • a)     Clavin B Knerr
  • b)     Calvina knerr
  • c)     Clark B Knerr
  • d)     Knerr


Q4-  Repertory was defined as “A book of index of medicines under symptoms” by

  • a)     Bidwel
  • b)     Boger
  • c)     Jugal Kishore
  • d)     Boenninghausen

       ANS – B

Q5- Repertory of Haemorrhoids written by

  • a)     Jahr
  • b)     Guernsey
  • c)     Kent
  • d)     Lippe

Ans – B (1880)

Q6- Symptoms register was compiled by

  • a)     T.F. Allen
  • b)     Boger
  • c)     Lippe
  • d)     Kner


Q7- The father of repertory

  • a)     Hahnemann
  • b)     Kent
  • c)     Boenninghausen
  • d)     Allen

Ans – C

Q8- Father of clinical repertory

  • a)     J.H. Clark
  • b)     T.F. Allen
  • c)     Jhar
  • d)     Boger


Q9- “Repertory to the symptoms of intermittent fever” published by

  • a)     T.F. Allen
  • b)     H.C. Allen
  • c)     J.H. Allen
  • d)     W.A. Allen


Q10- First English Repertory was written by

  • a)     Borick
  • b)     Bryont
  • c)     Hering
  • d)     Kent

ANS – C (1838 – ‘The repertory of the manual’)

Q11- Boericke’s repertory is a

  • a)     Pathological
  • b)     Clinical
  • c)     Anatomical
  • d)     General


Q12- Sensation as if written by

  • a)     H.A. Roberts
  • b)     J.W. Ward
  • c)     J.H. Clark
  • d)     J.T. Kent


Q13- Punch card repertory is by

  • a)  W.J. Guernsey
  • b) H.N. Guernsey
  • c) Margret Tayer
  • d) Welch & Houton


Q14- First card repertory prepared by

  • a)  W.J. Guernsey
  • b) H.N. Guernsey
  • c) Margret Tayer
  • d) Welch & Houton


Q15- Editor of synthesis repertory

  • a)     Dr. George Vithoulkas
  • b)     Dr. Fredrick Schroyens
  • c)     Dr. Garth Boericke
  • d)     Dr Gulian Winston


Answer them

Q16 – Miasmetic repertory by R.P.Patel was published on

  • a)     1995
  • b)     1996
  • c)     1998
  • d)     1999

ANS - …………….

Q17- The chapter in “homeopathic medical repertory by robin murphy is arranged in

  • a)     Alphabetic order
  • b)     Systematic order
  • c)     Hahemannian order
  • d)     Hierarchial order

ANS - ………………

Q18- The second part fragmenta de viribus contain repertory the first part of it contains

  • a)     Pharmacy
  • b)     Materia medica
  • c)     Both
  • d)     None

ANS - ……………..

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