Canyanne pepper, Red pepper




C2 A2 P3 S4 I C2

C2 – 

  • Children; dread open air; always chilly; refractory, clumsy, fat, dirty, and disclined to work or think.
  • Constriction; in fauces; throat; nares; chest; bladder; urethra; rectum.


A2 – 

  • Alone desire to be; wants to be lie down and sleep.
  • As the coldness of the body increases, so also does the ill humor.


  • Person with light hair, blue eyes, nervous but stout and plethoric habit
  • Phlegmatic diathesis; lack of reactive force, especially with fat people, easily exhausted; indolent, dreads any kind of exercise; person inclined to be jovial, yet get angry at trifles.
  •  Painful swelling behind the ear, extremely sore and sensitive to touch.

S4 – 

  • Sleeplessness and red cheeks with Homesickness.
  • Sensation burning and smarting sensation, as from cayenne pepper, in throat and other parts not > by heat.
  • Spasmodic constriction (burning) and other pains worse between acts of deglutition.
  • Stool (every) followed by thirst and every drink by shuddering.


  • Intense soreness; constriction of throat with burning; inflamed, dark, red, swollen.Tonsilitis; with burning and smarting pain

C2 – 

  • Cough – nervous, spasmodic; in sudden paroxysms; as if head would fly to pieces. with every explosive cough (and at no other time) there escape a volume of pungent, foetid air
  • Coughing during, pain in distant parts

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