Boost your immunity with homeopathy
boost your immunity with homeopathy

Today the whole world is fighting a pandemic Covid 19. The government of all countries are busy day and night in every effort to protect the people to their country at their own level. But still today we are standing at a very dangerous turn, we do not know what time will come next. But we all know one thing “prevention is better than cure” so why don’t protect ourselves.

While it is crucial to mention hygiene standers like washing your hands, use hand sanitizers, wear mask, avoiding touching your hands and mouth, maintain social distancing.

Individuals in certain in preexisting illness like diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory tract disease, cardio vascular disease, are at higher risk of having covid 19 complications, it is also aggravates with the age as the general immunity reduce as you get older. Here is a problem how to maintain your immunity.

 Why you don’t think about homeopathy at this time while homeopathy protects you from both internally and externally it means homeopathy provide mentally and physically strength. We can all work on boosting our immunity with the help of homeopathy. Homeopathic medicine for immunity helps boost your immune system from within and protect against infections like coronavirus.

Boosting the immune system in homeopathy is simple principle: “ like cures like” the symptoms of illness must be matched with the remedy causing illness.

Homeopathy has been repeatedly used during different epidemics to improve immunity. In fact the phrase, ‘ genus epidemics’ was coined by founder of homeopathy, Dr. Hahnemann, to indicate the remedy which could serve as a prophylactic during epidemics. During scarlet fever epidemic Dr. Hahnemann treated it with homeopathy. Homeopathy has also been used to treat and protect patient during Spanish flu epidemic which occurred after the first world war.

Today I will tell you about some homeopathy medicine which will be very helpful for boosting your immunity no doubt your diet and daily routine habits play important role in your overall health and immunity.  

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  • Feeding your body certain foods may help keep your immune system strong and fight against Covid 19.
  • Take protein rich diet
  • Add garlic, ginger and turmeric in your daily food
  • take citrus fruits like lemon, orange and sweet limetta (mousami) which is rich source of vit. C
  • Add green leafy vegetables esp spinach and raw salad
  • Used dry fruits like almonds, dates and fig
  • Regular exercise and yoga maintain your health
  • Sleep well. 8 hours night sleep is very important for your health.
  • Get some sun, the best source of vit. D.



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 Arsenicum album is a very common medicine in homeopathy for acute and chronic cases. Arsenicum effect on every organs of the body like mind, head, skin, gestor intestinal tract, respiratory tract etc. It is ideal for improving immunity against cold, coryza and fever.


This remedy is derived from the vine called Gelsemium sempervirens. It treated cold and flu symptoms. Your immunity against body aches and fever get reduced. It is excellent remedy for flu and influenza when the symptoms comes with chill and feeling  great weight and tiredness of the entire body and limbs.


Allium cepa contains a low amount of red onion. It is used for nasal congestion when the nasal discharge acrid, watery and profuse with profuse bland discharge. It is ideal for improving immunity against cold and influenza.


Bryoniaalba is an excellent remedy for boosting your immune system against the influenza when the dryness of mucous membrane, stitching pains in throat with dry spasmodic cough and slight fever with great thirst.


Camphora is well indicated for collapsed condition is due to circulatory failure. Collapsed condition with coldness, icy coldness of limbs. 


Carbo vegetabilis is made up of wood charcoal. Carbon is an important constituent of each and every cells in the human body. It maintain vitality and integrity of all the organs and tissue. It is mainly indicated in the last stage of exhaustive diseases.


This homeopathy medicine is also known as Oscillo. This remedy contains a small amount of duck liver and duck heart. It should be taken on first day when you experience flu symptoms. It strengthens your immune system against germs which cause cold and related symptoms.


Aspidosperma mother tincture is also a very effective homeopathy medicine for treatment of respiratory system. It relives symptoms of asthma and acts as a respiratory tract stimulant. It also relieves congestion in chest and promotes better breathing. It is very effective for people suffering from asthma and influenza.

There is no specific homeopathic remedy which is only meant for boosting your immunity. The medicine are actually used for treating some specific conditions and symptoms, and they also improve your immunity against the conditions it fights. It is always recommended to consult a homeopathy physician before you take any homeopathy medicines.

In this post of explain how to boost your immunity with homeopathic medicines.