Cannabis Indica, Indian hemp



C2 A3 I2 S2

C2 – 

  • Constant theorizing.
  • Crying and moaning, full of fun and mischief.

A3 – 

  • Apprehension (great) of approaching death.
  •   A few seconds seems ages; time seems too long (Arg. n.)
  • Exaggeration of time and distance, delirium tremens; great loquacity.
  • A few rods seems miles, distance seems immense.

 I2 -

  • In ability to recall any thought or event on account of other thoughts crowding his brain (Anac., Lac. c.) Very forgetful; forgets his last words and ideas; begins a sentence, forgets what he instead to speak.
  • Immoderately laughs at every trifling word spoker to him.


  • Sensation as if the calvarium was opening and shutting (Act.).
  • Sensation of swelling in perineum or near the anus, as if sitting on a ball ( with great quantities of ropy mucus in urine, Cinch.)

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