Sources of homeopaty medicene
Sources of homeopaty medicene


It includes whole plants, roots ( fresh and dried), stems, leaves, herbs, flowers, fruits, seeds, barks, algae, fungi, etc.

1) - Preparation of medicine – whole plants

Aconitum napellus

Arnica Montana




Drosera rotundifolia


Hyoscyamus niger

Hypericum perforaum

Ledum palustre


Pulsatilla nigricans

Ranunculus bulbosus

Ruta graveolens

Spigelia marylandica


Urtica urens

Vinca minor

2) - Preparation of medicine – Excluding roots


Lobelia inflate

Ocimum sanctum

Ranunculus sceleratus

3) - Preparation of medicine – Fresh root

Abroma augusta

Arum triphyllum

Bryonia alba

Cicuta virosa

Phyatolacca decandra

 4) - Preparation of medicine – Dried root

Calotropis gigentia


Rauwolfia serpentine

5) - Preparation of medicine – Hanging aerial roots

ficus indica

6) - Preparation of medicine – Root and rhizome

Asarum canadense

Aletris farinose

7) - Preparation of medicine – Only stem

cactus grandiflorus

8) - Preparation of medicine – Stem with leaves

Clematis erecta


9)- Preparation of medicine – Rhizome


Cimicifuga racemosa

Dioscorea villosa


Sanguinaria Canadensis

Varatrum album

Varatrum virid

10) - Preparation of medicine – Corm

Colchicum autumnale

Crocus sativa

11) - Preparation of medicine – Bulb

Allium cepa

Allium sativum

12) - Preparation of medicine – Fresh leaves

Ceanothus americanus

Digitalis purpurrea

Ficus religiosa


Kalmia latifolia

Rhus toxicodendron

13) - Preparation of medicine – Dried leaves



Gymnema sylvestris


14) - Preparation of medicine – Young shoot

Pinus sylvestris

15) - Preparation of medicine – Flower or Flower head

Cannabis sativa



16) - Preparation of medicine – Flowering heads and leaves

Calendula officinalis

Eupatorium perfoliatum

17) - Preparation of medicine – Dried stigma

Crocus sativa

18) - Preparation of medicine – Flower Bud

Prunus spinosa

19) - Preparation of medicine – Freshy Fruits – Berry or Bucca

Agnus castus

Crataegus oxyacantha

Sabal serrulata

20) - Preparation of medicine –Fresh leaves & Berries

Viscum album

21) - Preparation of medicine – Whole plant with Berries including Roots

Solanum nigrum

22) - Preparation of medicine – Pods or Legumes

Dolichos pruriens

23) - Preparation of medicine – Pulps

Carica papaya


24) - Preparation of medicine – Fresh Seeds

Avena sativa

Ignatia amara

Syzygium jambolanum

25) - Preparation of medicine – Dried seeds

Cocculus indicus


Nux vomica

Nux moschata


26) - Preparation of medicine – Bark fresh

Abis Canadensis

27) - Preparation of medicine – Bark dried


Cinchona officinalis


28) - Preparation of medicine – Bark of the root

Baptisia tinctoria

Berberis vulgeris


29) - Preparation of medicine – Juices

Aloe socorina (juice of leaves)

Anacardium occidentale (juice of shell)

Anacardium orientale (resinous fluid of seed)

Elaterium (juice of fruit)

Opium ( gummy juice of poppy)

30) - Preparation of medicine – Resins

Abies Nigra

Guaiacum officinale

31) - Preparation of medicine – Gum resins


32) - Preparation of medicine – Balsams

Balsamum peruvianum

Balsamum tolutanum

33) - Preparation of medicine  - Fixed or Fatty oil

Oleum crotonis

Oleum ricini

Oleum sesame

34) - Preparation of medicine  - Volatile oil

Oleum eucalyptus

Oleum Santali

Oleum terebinth

Oleum myristica

 35) - Preparation of medicine  - Algae

Ficus vesiculosus

36) - Preparation of medicine  - Fungi

Agaricus muscarius


Secale cornutum


37) - Preparation of medicine  - Lichens

Sticta pulmonaria

38) - Preparation of medicine  - Bryophyta

Polytrichum juniperinum

39) - Preparation of medicine  - Pteridophyta

Lycopodium clavatum

Filix mas

40) – Name of Resinoids present in

Baptisia tinctoria – Baptisin

Cimicifuga racemosa – Macrotin

41) – Name of Glycosides present in

Adonis vernalis – Adonidin

Aloe socotrina – Aloin

Uva ursi – Arbutin


The drug prepared from living and dried whole animals, different parts, secretions etc. and also from the venoms or poisonous animals as well as milk and milk products.

1) - Preparation of medicine  - Whole living organism

Apis mellifica – Hive bee

Culex musca – culex mosquito

Formica rufa – ants

Pediclus capitis – head louse

Latrodectus Katipo – Poison spider

Latrodectus mactans – Black widow spider

Tarantula cubensis – Large, dark brown & hairy spider

Theridion  – Orange spider

Scorpio europus – Bichuchu

Helix tosta – Snail

Asterias rubens – Star fish

2) - Preparation of medicine  - Whole dried Animals

Blatta Orientalis – Indian cockroach

Cantharis vesicatoria – Spanish Fly

3) - Preparation of medicine  - Different parts, secretions of animals

Spongia Tosta – Roasted sponge

Ova tosta ( calcarea ovorum) – Toasted egg shell of hen

Ova gallinae – membrane of egg shell

Carbo animalis – Animal charcoal

Orchitinum – Testicular extract of man

Oophorinum – Ovarian extract of cow or sheep

Moschus moschiferus – Dried secretion of preputical follicle of male musk deer

Castoreum – Extract from preputial sacs of the beaver

Fel tauri – Fresh gall of horse

Serum anguillar – Eel serum

Crotalus horridus – Rattle snake

Elaps corallines – coral snake

Lachesis trigonocephalus – surukuku snake

Amphisboena vermicularis – Lizard poison

Centrurpodes elegans – Scorpion poison

Apium virus – poison of honey bee (insect poison)

4) - Preparation of medicine - Milk and milk product

Lac Caninum – Dog’s milk

Lac Felinum – cat’s milk

Lac Defloratum – Skimmed milk

Koumyss – fermentation of ass’s milk


1) - Preparation of medicine  - Organic acid / Inorganic acid

Acetic acid – organic acid

Acidum lacticum – organic acid

Arsenicum album – inorganic acid

Acidum sulphuricum – inorganic acid

2) - Preparation of medicine – Metals / non metals

Aurum met (metals)

Iodum, bromium, sulphur, selenium – (non metals)

3) - Preparation of medicine  - Organic / Inorganic compound

Amyl nitrosum – (organic)

Camphora – (organic)

4) - Preparation of medicine  - Minerals

Anthracite, Anthrakokali, Graphites, Hecla lawa, Mica, Silicea

5) - Preparation of medicine  - Minral spring water

Aqua sanicula,Lapis albus, Wiesbaden, Skookum chuck


Disease product

Willium Lux - founder

Dr. Hering – proving it on human as homeopathic medicine.

Biotheraputics – includes disease product, disease-causing organism and disease preventing vaccines and toxins.

1) - Preparation of medicine  - Products of human being

Bacillinum Burnett – sputum of tuberculosis patient containing the bacteria

Psorinum – From exudates in patient suffering from itch eruptions

Tuberclinum – From culture of mycobacterium tuberculosis

Pyrogenum – Prepared originally from decomposition of meat of beef

2) - Preparation of medicine  - Diseased products of animals

Ambra grisea – Morbid secretion from the liver of spermaceti whale

Lyssin – From saliva of rabid dog

3) - Preparation of medicine - Diseased plant products

Agaricus muscarius – From the fresh fungus found in dry pine wood

Secale cornutum – prepared from the fungus claviceps purpura growing upon the seed of the secale cereal and other grains

4) - Preparation of medicine  - Bowel nosodes

Bacillus no. 7, Faecalis, Gaertner, Morgan-Gaertner

5) - Preparation of medicine  - Carcinosinum group

Carsinosin – Prepared from tissues of liver metastasis

6) - Preparation of medicine – Tuberculinum group

Tuberculinum, Bacillinum burnett


Secretions of poisonous animals

Protoplasm of animals

C. Hering – founder

Belong to the branch of homeopathy called – Organotherapy

1) - Preparation of medicine – Healthy endocrine gland as a whole

Thyroidinum – healthy thyroid tissue of sheep or calf

2) - Preparation of medicine – Normal secretions of endocrine glands

Insulin – beta cells of islets of langerhans of pancreas

3) - Preparation of medicine – Normal secretion of animals or humans

Colostrums – mother’s milk

Lac felinum – cat’s milk

4) - Preparation of medicine – Animal glands and tissue

Fel tauri – fresh bile of ox

Fel vulpis – fresh gall of fox

5) - Preparation of medicine – Healthy organs of animals

Cerebellum – cerebellar part of brain

f) - IMPONDERABILLIA (Direct physical energy)

Which is not weighable (no perceptible weights)

Medicine belong to magnetic, electromagnetic, electrical, nuclear and cosmic category of energies

Eg - Magnetis polio ambo – both pole of magnet

Magnetis polus articus – north pole of magnet

Magnetis polus australis – south pole of magnet


Indirect homeopathy

Eg - Chloramphenicol, Dopamine, Mannitol


Allersodes are homeopathic attenuations of antigen i.e.substances which under suitable conditions can stimulate the formation of antibodies


These are homeopathic medicine prepared from plant, animal or chemical substances.

Also called detoxodes – preparation made from commonly used allopathic medicine

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