A7 L2 U M I3 N2

A7 -  
  • Animal heat deficient - constitution
  • Abnormal appetite - craving for startch, chalk, charcoal, cloves, coffee or tea grounds, acid & indigestasble thing, potatoes disagree.
  • All irritating things - salt, wine, vinegar, pepper - immediately produce cough.
  • An hours seems a day - time passes too slowly
  • Aconite of chronic disease
  • Antidotes for led poisoning, painter's colic, ailments from led.
  • Alumina is the chronic of Bryonia
L2 - 
  • Laurel berries stool
  • Leucorrhoea - acrid & profuse running down to heel; < during day time; > by cold bathing.
U - Urine - diarrhoea when she urinates has to strain at stool in order to urinate

M - Menses after - exhausted physically and mentally, scarcely able to speak. Talking fatigues faint and tired, must sit down. 
I3 - 
  • Itching eruption worse in winter, intolerable, itching in whole body when getting warm in bed; scrath until bleeds then becomes painful 
  • Inability to walk, except with the eyes open, and in day time; tottering & falling when closing eyes 
  • Inactivity of rectum, even soft stool requires great straining
N2 -  
  • Nursing children's constipation from artificial food, bottle fed babies,. constipation of old people's, of pregnancy.
  •  No desire for and no ability to pass stooluntil there is large accumulation.